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Videos of the e'Moth flying can be seen on YouTube at http://youtu.be/C_CFBQsZWvw, http://youtu.be/YzcvOLfpyFQ and http://youtu.be/N30hxPCEYXQ.
Wing Span: 32 ¼” Overall length: 27 ½” Wing Area: 340 sq. in. Weight: 16 oz Wing loading: 7 oz per sq. ft. Motor: Outrunner, Speed 370 equivalent Battery: 3S LiPo 900 - 2100 mAhr. She has several unique features as well as good looks… - The two wing panels plug in, and have two different locations which change the angle of attack, one for slow park flying, and the other for faster flying or for better penetration on a windy day. - The tail group is attached by one nylon bolt. Removing the bolt allows the tail to be removed and packed flat for transport. With tail and prop removed, the plane and transmitter can be packed in a suitcase with internal dimensions of only 25 ½” x 15 ½” x 4”. - It can easily be framed in 4 – 5 hours if you use CA glue. - The frame is very strong - we have even fabric-covered our models! - Radio installation is made easy by the servo mounts being pre-drilled for HS 55 servos.  Pushrods and guides are included in the comprehensive hardware kit.

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