RRC Thermal Detector

Price: $225.00
made to order

For customer Testamonial see:  https://youtu.be/yPOV4bRgZBQ?si=VcjiQmkdM5shDrA6

This is a custom uProcessor based instrument with a high visability e'Paper display (easier to read in bright sunlight) which monitors the temperature at the top of your pole, and presents the small fluctuations in temperature that thermals cause graphically.
The graph is updated every 2 seconds, and shows a history of aproximately 4 minutes.  When the graph reaches the end of the display it starts over at the left side, leaving a blank portion between the old data from the previous sweep and the new data.
The display also shows in small characters the temperature at the top of the pole, the temperature at the display housing, the relative humidity and the battery voltage.  For the most part you will only be looking at the shape of the graph when trying to identify thermal activity.

The thermistor head has approximately 10' cable attached.  Replacement thermistor heads are available seperately.
The unit requires a 300 - 500 mAhr 1S LiPo battery with a JST connector.  A battery is included in US orders when UPS Shipping is selected, but not USPS shipped orders or for overseas orders due to shipping regulations.
The unit will stop operating and go into a low power mode when the battery voltage drops to below 3.4V.
(DO NOT use a 2S LiPo as this will perminantly damage the unit).
Each unit is custom made to order, and may take several weeks depending on component stock and my time to make the units.

When ordering please specify
1)  If you want the units displayed in deg F or deg C.  (deg F is the default as this is what most domestic customers want).
2)  If you wish your unit to run continuously please say so.  The standard set up is  to sweep four times (about 15 mins. 20 sec. total), pause for 30 seconds and then erase the screen and go into sleep mode until you press the button on the bottom.   Some people prefer this mode to continuous, so they do not get a croud gathering around their pole to use their thermal detector! 

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