1951 Flying Wing - Plan, Paterns & Instructions

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Origonal 1951 powerd with a Top Flite Wasp 049.
Our kit can be powered with radial mount 049-09 size glow, diesel engine, or for quiet clean flying with a back plate mounted Speed 300 - 400 size electric, 250 racing Quad motor, E36 or similar size electric motor.  Our prototype ways 13 oz, and we use a 75W 2203 2300\kV motor.
If you want to build for RC then you will need two "skinny" wing mount servos, about 9 -10 mm thick.
A folding prop may be used, or mount a wire skid on the firewall as a prop saver for fixed props.
You can view a video of the 1951 Flying wing review by Terry Dunn at the following YouTube link:


Other YouTube Videos:


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