Phantom Flash ROG - 16" span

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This 16" wing span job is a very old and respected design from the hay day of Comet.   It was designed by Joe Konefest in the late 1930's.  This kit has been reengineered by Mark Freeland to meet the requirements of the Flying Ace Club.    Flying Ace members have chosen this kit for club contests as it is quick to build, taking as little as an hour to build and be ready for the flying field.
All parts are laser cut, yes, this includes the sticks which have built in gussets at every joint which strengthens the model and makes it incredibly quick and easy to build. 
Esaki tissue (red, blue, yellow, orange, black or white) is supplied pre-printed with the skull & cross-bones, a 6" prop and bearings, enough FAI Super Sport rubber to get flying and stainless steel wire for prop shaft, wheel axles and motor hook are all provided in the kit.  All you need add is glue and a little know how, and you will have a contest ready model in a couple of hours!

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