Condenser Paper - 10' roll

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This hard to get covering material is about 2/3 the weight of un-doped Esaki tissue.  It is “airtight”, so needs no additional finishing to seal it.  It is often referred to as C-paper.

Like tissue paper it is affected by moisture, so should not be applied tightly on a flimsy balsa frame, leave it a little slack to prevent it from warping the frame.  Apply any decoration before attaching covering to model.  A light airbrushing with a solvent based die might be your best bet to apply color, as the material is very fine and easy to tear. ~8.8g per m2.                

This is a great choice for Easy B and similar indoor contest models.                     

It is best applied using permanent glue-stick, but can also be applied with contact cement.



For a smooth covering job, cut a piece of C-paper a good inch bigger than the framework to be covered.  Lay it out on a flat surface, like a sheet of glass, but do not stretch it tight.  Apply glue-stick (or an aerosol contact cement like 3M® 77) to the balsa frame perimeter.  Gently drop the balsa framework onto the C-paper and lightly press in place.  For a cambered wing, use the same technique, after dropping wing onto paper, gently rock so the LE & TE pick up the C-paper.

Using a brand-new razor blade trim C-Paper along edge of balsa frame.  A straight edge can be helpful along straight LE and TE’s.

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