WS Minnow - Starter Pack - 17 1/2" span

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All wood parts in the kit are precision laser cut, only a light sanding of the edges is needed to give the model a professionally built look.
The design was adapted form the 1994 Minnow designed and distributed by Lloyd Shales.  It is capable of flight times well over 1 minute without any modifications.  We achieve 1 min 20 sec flights with a stock prop and stock rubber on an all tissue covered model.  With modified prop and or custom stripped rubber you may get flights of 1 min 45 sec or better.  This sort of flight time will surely motivate a beginner to rubber power model airplanes.
The starter pack contains full size plans, a plywood wing jig, all laser cut wood parts and colored Esaki tissue (two colors in each kit) covering to build TWO 7.5g - 8.0g airplanes.  One 5 1/2" Plastic prop on hanger and rubber for four 1.5g motors are included in the kit.  There is also a sanding stick in each kit.
You will need wood glue, glue stick, rubber lube, masking tape (1/4" wide preferred), non stick paper to finish building the model, and a 10:1 or 15:1 winder, as it will take 1200-1300 turns to fully wind the motor.
All wood has been carefully selected to yield a relatively robust airplane that weighs 7.5 - 8.5 g.  The wing and stabilizer spars are tapered, and have built in gussets at each joint.  The fuselage stick has the incidence for the prop and for the stabilizer pre-cut, and the wing is mounted parrallel to the stick, so it doesn't matter which way round it is mounted, the laser cut ribs are cambered, but symetrical front to back, so you can't build two right wings!  There are even 1/64" plywood braced to align the wings to the pylon.  It's almost fool proof.

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