2023 Cloud Dancer Div B - 2 pack

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This year's rules require an 8g airframe, and the airplane is required to fit into a specified size of box, assembled and ready to fly.  You can build two LONG airplanes, or two SHORT airplanes or one of each from this kit.
The airframe is mostly wood, but does include a few special parts, Carbon Fiber wing posts, a Delrin "quick change" mount for the special Indoor Free Flight Supplies prop hanger that is installed on each prop, and 3D printed wing tip fences and rudders.  The covering material is 6 micron plastic film, for durability and lightness.    The motor stick is longer than last year's kits to take advantage of the allowed 2g motor.
A well built and trimmed model should be capable of flights of 2 mins or longer.  Our prototype did 2 mins 8 sec first day trimming at an indoor site.  But this will depend on the students ability to build and trim the model.
Kit contains full size plans for LONG model, reduced size for SHORT, wood parts in the kit are precision laser cut to build TWO 8g - 9g airplanes.  Two 9 1/2" light weight props, 10 O-Rings, a little over 10g  of 3/32" FAI rubber strip (enough to make five motors).  Also included is a pair of Delron key hole mounts to make it easy to change prop/hanger assemblies in a matter of seconds with no tools.   This will allow the student to experiament with prop size, rubber width and loop length, to pick the best match to the airplane.
The frames for the wing tip fences and the rudder outlines have been 3D printed, which will speed up the construction of the airplane.
You will need wood glue, Thin and Medium CA, perminant glue stick, 3M77 Spray adhesive, rubber lube, masking tape (1/4" wide preferred), non-stick paper to finish building the model, and a 10:1 or 15:1 winder, as it will take 1200 - 2000 turns to fully wind the motor.
All wood has been carefully selected to yield a relatively robust airplane that weighs close to 8g.  The wing and stabilizer spars have built in gussets at each joint. 

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