sky Queen

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This period hand launch glider is sure to perform if built true and light.    Give her a good toss, catch a thermal and you will be surprised how high she will go, you may even get a 2 min max. if you're good.
She has been designed with the novice in mind.    All the parts have been accurately cut out for you.  All that you need do is sand the airfoil section, glue her together, maybe add some color (careful of the weight here), seal the wood with thinned dope, balance her .... 

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sky Queen
Michael Keller (Canton, MI) 9/4/2011 6:16 PM
I purchased this kit just to bring back memories of my youth. It's easy to assemble, trim and fly. Several backyard flights and local park flights later, I decided to bring this with me on a family trip to Gettysburgh for my son and I to have fun with. Well, during the second launch in a local large field, it caught a thermal and away she went never to be seen by us again! I've since purchased three other sky Queens with the same fantastic flying characteristics. Try one!
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