Hacker A10-7L

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Weight 20.00 grams
Shaft Diameter 2.00 mm
Shaft Length 11.5000 mm
kV 2200
Idle Current 1.10 Amps
Operating Current 7 Amps
Peak Current 8 Amps
Peak Watts 75
Peak Amps 8.0000
Resistance 0.1100 ohms
Poles 12
Orientation OUT
Motor Diameter 21.00 mm
Motor Length 25.00 mm

The A10 motors are the smallest outrunner of our series and provide great efficiency and light weight. Developed for 4-8oz Slowflyers and Aerobatic Parkflyer models with 2 cell LiPoly batteries.

Use 8 x 4.3 SF prop.

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